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WorkingNation and Lumina Foundation proudly present The Middle: Indianapolis, the latest edition of the WorkingNation digital magazine, Inquire Within. In these pages, through video interviews and articles, we explore the erosion of the city’s middle class over the past decade and efforts to rebuild it, as seen through the eyes of Indianapolis leaders and locals. We ask: can the city’s middle class survive—and even thrive—in the face of expanding and rapid technological revolution?

Voices of our contributers

“The incentives and abatements that are being offered really are going to force employers in our community to think intentionally about not only the quality of the job, the wage, but also the benefits and what that company will be doing for the community where it locates.”

— Angela Carr Klitzsch, President & CEO of EmployIndy

“The middle class has to be strong all the time. Otherwise I think bad things tend to happen.”

— Greg Ballard, Former Mayor of Indianapolis

“Education is important to be part of the middle class...we believe that it’s certainly the vehicle that makes it possible for our children to achieve whatever dream they may have in life.”

— Reverend Charles Harrison, Senior Pastor of Barnes United Methodist Church